An Interview with Mr. Darcy~The Writer


Those of you who are familiar with Jane Austen are undoubtedly aware of the famous:

Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy


Upon joining twitter, we discovered a most interesting a fellow named John Ayers.  He is one of the rare individuals who has decided to write an Austen sequel from Mr. Darcy’s perspective!




We dare say, what an  interesting sort to take on such a venture!

So we thought amongst ourselves at the MVBClub headquarters  that we would pay a visit to Pemberely to request an interview with the Darcyesque writer. 

In every bit of typical British-politeness, Mr. Ayers agreed, most ardently!

We sat down with Mr. Ayers and once tea was served, we asked him the following questions:


MVBC: It is a pleasure to meet you John. Please, tell us about this unique  musing in regards to a Jane Austen sequel from a male perspective. 

Thank you and its a pleasure to meet you all too. (Mr. Ayres proceeds to bow to us). I wrote this Austen novel from Mr. Darcy’s perspective. I wanted to allow readers to see more into his inner thoughts and musings–what truly goes on within that stately head of Mr. Darcy himself.  A male point of view is a new perspective, especially when written by a man.  

MVBC: Very interesting John. Now, what are the characteristics of your Mr. Darcy?  What insight have you given us into his world, his thinking, his life?

Mr Darcy is ever the Master of Pemberley. He loves his new wife, Elizabeth more than life itself.  He has found a new zest for living and loving every second of the day. His caring, intelligent mannerisms aid him in the management of the Pemberley estate.  He is strong, virile, loving, loyal, caring, intelligent and a man with honorable traditions.  

MVBC: That’s wonderful to hear! Mr. Darcy is a great character! What scene did you have the most fun writing?

The scene I had the most fun writing was a daydreaming scene in Darcy’s head.   He falls asleep and journeys back to their wedding night.  It is very real, intensely romantic, and caring. 

MVBC: What has been the most challenging part of writing this book?
It was getting a true Victorian feel.  I am certain other authors who are more immersed in the Regency period have more references to proper clothing, mannerisms, society, etc than I do.  I have tried very hard to research and learn, but felt this was the most difficult part of my writing.  It will get better with time I am certain, as I will certainly write more Darcy books.

 MVBC: Most men are not known for reading Austen. How did you first come in contact with Jane Austen writings?
I read Austen in school of course, and enjoyed it even then.  Have always loved Pride and Prejudice then Sense and Sensibility. Years ago I started reading Austen fan fiction with a friend by first re-reading Pride and Prejudice. It lead to reading about five to ten Austen-fan fiction books a year!

MVBC: When will your Darcyesque-Austen novel become available?

I am sending queries out to publishers now. Will be editing the book further while waiting.  Publishers timeframes are varying, but hopefully I will get the book released in 2012.  

 MVBC: What advice can you give to encourage more men to read or write books in general?
Men have a different perspective. Women want to read their thoughts, when properly crafted into words. Men who read more are more educated, and achieve more insight. Reading makes me a more well-rounded person. I would dare to say that reading Austen books make me have a little bit more insight into the proper way to treat a woman.


Mr. John Ayers for this delightful interview!

Please also extend our warmest gratitude the staff of Pemberely, Elizabeth and the Bennett family!


John Ayers lives in Dover, New Hampshire, USA along with his lovable chocolate lab Marley.

Meet him on Twitter: @TWDarcy

Visit his Darcyesque Blog:



13 thoughts on “An Interview with Mr. Darcy~The Writer

    • Thank you Cinta for the compliment on the interview. It was a pleasure to interview Mr. Ayers for the blog. It truly takes a ‘real’ gentleman to write an Austen sequel. Hopefully more men will follow his example! SK~MVBClub


  1. Cinta took the words out of my mouth! Wonderful and interesting thoughts are expressed in this interview. I hope more men take your advice to reading and learning from Jane Austen.


    • Thank you Karen for sharing the same feelings of this lovely interview with Mr. Ayers. It was a pleasure to interview him. A lot of men would be surprised if they read more Austen novels, how it can change them as a person. We also hope more man will follow Mr. Ayers example! SK~MVBClub


  2. A truly lovey interview with the delightful John! Who is a great friend also. I wait with great anticipation for the release of his next book. As a Jane Austen fan, I just know I will love it. A true gentleman and a great writer. Well done on you both for this great post. 🙂


    • Thank you Dawn for your nice comment! We completely agree with you–we antficipate the release of Mr.Ayers Austenesque sequel! What an honour it was to have him share on our blog. We hope more men follow his example! ~RB of MVBClub


  3. I wish I could write A BOOK in English! I would definitely make more books related to Austen’s books. 🙂 And by the way, it’s always nice to see another man loving Jane Austen as much as I do. 🙂


    • Thank you so much Prima for your great comment! No matter what language you write a book, remember it can be translated into most languages. Continue in your love of writing and of Austen! We will support wholeheartedly. Thank you Prima and much Austen love ~JV of MVBClub


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