The Beginnings — The Man Vs Books Club

The Man Vs Books Club was inspired by my lifelong love of reading…

…and my friend Sam

It was a warm June day when I first met Sam. He was participating in a Twitter conversation about Jane Austen. Since I had just completed reading two of her books: Northanger Abbey and Pride and Prejudice, I was eager to join in the discussion. As I expected the conversation was quite lively and full of humor! At the center of the (mostly female tweeters) was Sam. He stuck out not just because he was the only male but because of the thought-provoking questions he asked as well as the Austen passages that often was quoted.

Fast forward a few days later, I was following and chatting with Sam. I learned that he was a snowboarding genius who is dedicated to saving and preserving the environment too. Even more so, he is an avid reader who is open to reading books from all different genres. Is this guy for real? Little did I know, yes he was!

Through my friendship with Sam, I met Jane, Susan, Annie, Daniella, and Antonia. Five diverse ladies from different corners of the world to whom, over the course of time, I realized shared a number of common interests such as reading: Jane Austen, sense of humor, and writing. Overall, we wanted to get more men interested in reading Jane Austen and reading in general.

This common interest led to the creation of the Man Vs Books Club on a rainy October night. Our goal is to make reading fun for men who are new to Jane Austen or those who just wanted a place to talk about all things Austen. We will be reviewing other books from different authors ranging from literary classics to more modern ones.

Throughout the months of planning and designing the upcoming blog site, we welcomed a new member to our circle of friends: Brad. He is a friend of Sam’s who had recently joined Twitter. Getting to know Brad, I discovered that he is also a snowboarding guru/environmental engineer like Sam. By Brad’s own admission, he wasn’t much of a reader. He became the perfect addition to our emerging club. Now Brad will be reading his first Jane Austen novel in the upcoming month. We are eagerly awaiting his thoughts and comments on Pride and Prejudice.

On December 28th, 2011, The Man Vs Books Club went live! So far, we have received encouraging feedback from a variety of people thanks to the hard work of our members…

Won’t you come along, read along with us and join us in saying…

….Reading is Sexy!


7 thoughts on “The Beginnings — The Man Vs Books Club

  1. Fabulous post, well done to you’re whole team for coming up with this great and inspiring idea to get more men interested in reading! I love this website and visit often. I am so pleased to hear that the lovely Brad will be reading “Pride & Prejudice” (Well done Brad) I cannot wait to read about you’re thoughts on this all time classic. It’s a beautiful love story, fuelled with angst too! One of my all time favorites. Having read the whole Jane Austen collection myself, this is a great first book to start with. 🙂


    • Thank you my dearest Dawn! I appreciate your feedback and by the way, your own blog is fantastic!! It has truly been an eye-opening experience for me getting into reading Austen. I am barely a reader of anything, to be honest, so this a huge challenge for me. However, with all the support I have received for you, and other friends, I feel less intimidated! Thank you for your kind words and I look forward to sharing this experience with you ~HP of MVBClub


  2. Good choice for first-Austen, Brad – can’t wait to hear what you think 🙂
    I think this whole idea is just twelve kinds of fun, and am looking forward to seeing how it develops. And yeah: reading (and guys who read!) = sexy^15! 😀


  3. Well done!! I am happy of knowing all of you, since we all seem to share that love for Jane Austen and reading in general. I think it is wonderful that a group of people devote themselves to promote love for books and reading. Count me in if you need me!! And well done, Brad, for deciding to read Pride and Prejudice. Looking forward to knowing his opinion about the novel 😀 Definitely, Reading is Sexy!!! 😀


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