50 Shades Freed by EL James –The Review Is Up!

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50 Shades of Freed

Part III of III ~ The Finale

Here I am…on the last page of the trilogy. I was so happy when I got to the last page of 50 Shades of Freed

I was hoping this final book would make reading this series worth it. Sadly it wasn’t. After a three-month courtship, Ana Steele is now Ana Grey.  Her professional life has undergone speedy change as well. She is no longer an assistant to the Editor but now the Editor thanks to the sudden firing of her boss. Mind you Ana is still fresh out of college and a couple of weeks later she is the boss. How implausible! I wish that E.L. James would have made Ana sudden promotion more realistic.

Once again, E.L James relies heavily on constant arguments followed by sex scenes to push the love story forward. Christian Grey confronts his demons by facing them; however, Christian shows his immaturity in several situations. For example:

1. He decides to punish his wife by handcuffed hands and feet together in their kinky relations. He proceeds to mark her body with bite marks as though he is marking his territory.

2. When he found out that she was pregnant. He yelled at her and called her names for her unexpected pregnancy. I felt E.L James went to a new low writing those scenes! How disappointing!

3. Ultimately Christian and Ana reunite. They even deal with kidnapping attempt against Christian’s sister which places Ana and her unborn child in imminent danger…everyone survives. 

E.L. James doesn’t bore us with the gory details of the pregnancy and the delivery. Instead we are fast forwarded to two years later where Ana is now the owner of Grey Publishing ,a doting mother of a son, and pregnant with her second child. Christian has made peace with his past and actually enjoys being a father. Ok here I go, I’m going to note something positive…the ending is picture perfect.

At the end of the book E.L. James included a bonus chapter of Christian first meeting with Ana from 50 Shades of Grey from his point of view. I found myself enjoying his thoughts more so than Ana’s the first time.

I wish Ms James had written these books from both of their point of views.

Feel free to write your review below or tell us your thoughts and comments below.

Is the 50 Shades Trilogy worth all the hype?

~DP of ManVsBooksClub


14 thoughts on “50 Shades Freed by EL James –The Review Is Up!

  1. I was reluctant to start the book to begin with and sadly enough I had to quit after 3/4 through. As an avid reader I got completely and utterly fedup with the writing style and was unable to handle the continues mentioning of “shy smile” and “his grey eyes” incl. the repetitiveness of the sexual interactions of the 2 characters. Astonishing really that the trilogy created that much demand.


    • Thank you Alfred for your comment. I absolutely agree with you. However, I forced myself to read the trilogy in hopes that it would improve. Sadly it didn’t. I am hoping it would inspire more people to read more perhaps even try writing their own stories.



  2. I also stopped reading at the point when Anna got pregnant. The whole book was extremely irritating. I loved the first two because it presented a wild and different relationship, so was thoroughly disappointed that it ended with them being pretty much a typical common couple with kids. Also, was it just me or did grey appear far too weak and soppy? I loved the other two books though!


  3. This story is okay in an adult fairy tail kind way. Disappointed with the sex, Christian confidence (very insecure with Ana) , repetitive pharses and emotional detachment. Realistically a sane person would’ve seen his red flag. Christian’s handsome, young (27), and a self-made ‘BILLIONAIRE’ so him being a stalker having no respect for privacy is acceptable. Not sure why this story is glorified to be honest.

    Read it for yourself. You may love or hate it.


  4. Hi, I just finished the trilogy. I finished reading everything in two weeks. Well at first I got a little surprised with how Grey wanted the sex to be, but after that, they just repeated everything they say during the sex scenes. They were irritating. i even skip them because it makes me bored. Like “You are always ready” and “Come” then Ana just does it like it’s normal. The story was so fast it’s like it was rushed or something. I would like to learn more of Christian. Yes, The Christian Grey POV is very interesting. I like that. 🙂 and also their e-mails, they were fun. 🙂 I also hope for a fourth book which is about Christian’s thoughts. 🙂


    • Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for your comments. I absolutely agree with you. Christian Grey has the ability to be a wonderfully complex character. I hope that the author will take the time to explore this morally grey character in the future.


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