I dont like Pride and Prejudice! I LOVE IT!

Pride and Prejudice one of Jane Austen’s most popular books. For years I heard about the great love story between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. I still didn’t understand it. I had my own prejudices. I have always loved strong female characters with sharp wit. I thought that Elizabeth Bennett would be a bit more subservient because the era in which this story was written. I was so happy that I was proven wrong.

Elizabeth Bennett was the complete opposite. She was a strong, independent young woman who rather marry for love and not money. I suspect Jane Austen was the same way. Elizabeth had no problem standing up for what she believed in even if it was considered controversial.

These qualities were what attracted Mr. Darcy to her in my opinion. She must have been a fresh of breath compared to the likes of Caroline Bingley with her haughty behavior. Even though Mr. Darcy presented himself as a snob. I always viewed him as a shy person who didn’t know how to articulate his thoughts properly until he was comfortable with that person.

I appreciate Jane Austen’s way of  developing each of the characters in such a wide array that you can identify with each one in a different way. I feel like we all know someone similar to some or all of the characters in the book. No wonder it is an enduring classic.


Lastly the courtship between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy is indeed incredibly romantic as well as respectful. Something that is severely lacking nowadays. Mr. Darcy knew when to give Elizabeth the time she needed to figure out her feelings while sparing Lydia and the entire Bennett family from disgrace.  That final unselfish act along with helping to reunite Jane with Mr. Bingley further endeared him to Elizabeth resulting into an engagement. Somewhere I can imagine Mrs. Bennett doing cartwheels on their property.

We would love to read your thoughts on why you love Pride and Prejudice. Please feel free to share them with us.

~DP of MVBClub


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