Anticipating Man Of Steel Film

It is hard to believe in almost a week Man of Steel will be opening in the theaters across the United States. I have been eagerly been anticipating this film since I learned it was greenlit by Warner Bros a few years ago. Initally I was a bit skeptical of this Superman reboot after the debacle that was Superman Returns. However, I decided to give Man of Steel a chance once that I learned that Christopher Nolan was producing it. Christopher Nolan did wonders with rebooting the Batman franchise. Now it is Superman’s time to shine.

So far the promotional trailers and posters have really showcased the wonderful elements that made Superman one of my favorite superheroes. Henry Cavill definitely looks the part of Superman. I am curious on how he will be as Clark Kent. I am hoping that he is able to play both parts equally as well. From the early buzz from people that have seen Man of Steel so far it sounds as though this might be the summer blockbuster film of the season. We shall see. Until then…my countdown continues.

Are you looking forward to Man of Steel film? Please leave us a comment. We would like to know what you think.



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