Steve Jobs Biography – My Review


I recently finished reading the Steve Jobs biography. I was slightly shocked at how revealing this biography turned out to be.   Walter Isaacson stated that Steve Jobs requested that he write his biography so that the world would get to know the real Steve Jobs and  not the image of a visionary.  The end result was a  wonderful, comprehensive look at a man whose personal philosophy would change the way people would work, play, and live.

Some of my favorite chapters  are  the ones about the creation/airing of the famous 1984 Super Bowl commercial for the MacIntosh computer; Steve Jobs buying Pixar; Steve’s successful return to Apple;  and the creations of the IPod/IPhone/IPad.  Each one of these topics brought back special memories for me  because I realized that I was witnessing history in the making.

This book is  by no means a love letter to its subject.  It reveals the bullying and nasty side to Steve Jobs.  One of the main themes was Jobs’ ability to charm you one minute and then make you feel like garbage the  next one.  He didn’t have any qualms about pushing people  to their breaking points as stated  by friends and employees interviewed for the book.  These same people now acknowledged that Jobs’ abuse and obsessive behavior led them to create some of the  best Apple products possible.

Lastly, the main takeaway I received from this biography is that  never settle but always look to improve and create. I hope everyone reading my review will go and read this book. It would leave you with  a different view of technology and possibly… life.






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