Bliss Chase by Jenny Meszaros

The ManVs Book Club presents:

Jenny Meszarous –Author, writer

Jenny is an UK author from Birmingham, England. She writes high concept women’s fiction, or classy chick lit with a satirical edge. Being diagnosed with M.E. at an early stage, she went on instead to read Classics at Oxford University, where she also set up the student Animal Ethics Society. She then worked as a Researcher and Translator, and a Bookseller, whilst she honed her skills – and her drive – to become a fully-fledged writer.

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

Please meet and welcome our Guest:


Good everyone! My name is Jenny Meszaros. Let me start by telling a bit about myself.

I began writing in late 2008, at the age of 22, after my own wedding plans and engagement fell apart, and I was left wondering what to do with my own unworn wedding dress.  I started writing as a kind of escape and so that I could live vicariously through Eleanor, who is a bit more proactive than I was.  But in truth, I have always written in some form or other and was brought up absolutely loving reading and books, worshipping them almost. 

Since finishing my novel, I gained an agent, who is currently working on trying to find a publishing house for Bliss Chase, and I have also fallen in love again and am now planning to get married.  Though of course I will have a new dress, I have kept my old wedding gown, the original Radiance, as inspiration. 

I am currently working on my second novel, with its own fun and quirky twist, and I hope, one day, to make a living from writing.  The most special aspect of this process, I find, is seeing how my work touches others and helps them to see the world in a different way.  I hope always to be able to do this.

BLISS CHASE~by Jenny Meszaros

A wedding is a joining together of two souls: a bride and her bridal gown – at least according to wedding dress, and highly opinionated narrator, Radiance, who tells the story of jilted bride, and hopeless romantic, Eleanor Wishaw.

She has a wedding date, a dream venue and even a fairy tale dress. The only thing she does not have…a groom!

Eleanor begins to hunt down a husband in time for her wedding day, stumbling across the many perils of her plan, often against the advice of her incredulous friends.

Will Eleanor snag a man in time? Will she ever really learn that the true meaning of love does not always come in the form of a wedding?

…Read Bliss Chase or to find out!

Order Bliss Chase here:

Contact Jenny at:

Contact Jenny on Twitter: @Jenny_Meszaros


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