To Elizabeth With Love ~Mr. Darcy

“A Loving, Playful Gentleman”

By John D. Ayers

Fitzwilliam Darcy, the staid, regulated Master of Pemberley stood over his sleeping wife’s beautiful form with a smile upon his face that could rival any of a playful, twelve year old boy’s.  He knelt down beside their bed and brought his face to within inches of hers.  The grin upon his face broadened as he pictured what he had in store for her today.   

Momentarily caught up in the rapture of her beautiful face, he simply watched her sleep for a few minutes.   His eyes roved along her chestnut tresses that dangled down the side of her cheek.   Her alabaster skin caused a shiver to well up within him as he found himself slightly heated at perusing his sleeping bride.  Part of him wished to slide back into bed next to her and curl up along her warm back beneath the covers.   The playful side of him however, which had planned out a variety of surprises for her today, overcame his inner ardor.   

Rising back up from his knees, he bent over his sleeping bride and nuzzled his face into her neck lightly.  He feathered gentle kisses softly along her smooth skin, deepening his touch upon her slightly as he found himself become a bit heated under his ministrations.  Elizabeth stirred lightly at his touch, and curled herself into a ball beneath the warm duvet.   Her hands rose from beneath the covers and sought out her soft tormentor.  Her eyes remained shut, but her hands found his face and she ran her fingers along his prominent, firm cheekbones.   A smile began to grace her face as she became more fully awake and opened her eyes.  Her deep, dark brown eyes twinkled in mirth as she saw him mere inches from her.   She noted the expression on his face, and quickly the fact that he was already fully clothed.

“Dearest husband, you must know how infinitely desirous I am to be awoken in such a sweet manner.  However, pray tell, why are you clothed already?  As you must know that the only thing I wish more than your sweet kisses first thing in the morning, is to feel you within my arms, pressed up against me?”

Darcy stood up from the bed after bestowing another sweet kiss to his wife’s lips.  The smile upon his face slightly betrayed him as Elizabeth began to note the countenance upon his visage.   Her brightened face knew that something was a foot, and rapturously listened as he began.  “My dearest Elizabeth,” she giggled slightly, pondering what was to come.  Darcy cleared his throat adroitly and continued, “As I was saying, before I was so rudely interrupted, My dearest Elizabeth, upon waking this morning, I have decided that I will sorely, and properly spoil you in every possible way throughout the day.   To see your smile warms my heart, and I sorely desire to cause you to smile so infinitely much today so as to make your cheeks hurt.”

Elizabeth’s eyes spread further warmth throughout her face after receiving this loving attention from her husband.   She loved him every day, and knew that they cherished every moment together.  However, she sorely thrilled in times like these, when the inner, playful boy came out from beneath the regulated personality of her husband.   His strict manner often offended many people in society, as it had her upon their initial meeting, but she now knew that within this responsible man lay a teasing, playful boy at heart.   “You must know sir, that you cause me to smile each and every day already.  Just by having you in my life, I am made full and complete.   Although I do see that you are determined in your joyful expression, I will therefore submit to your attentions.”
“Brilliant, as you truly have no choice in the matter my love,” Darcy chuckled as he reached for a tray of tea and scones.  “I retrieved these from the kitchen myself my love.  I dare say that Mrs. Langton was shocked to witness it, but I heated the scone for you myself.”
“Hmmm, you ARE entirely too good to me Mr. Darcy,” Elizabeth murmured.  Her stomach was indeed rolling in a quiet hunger, especially from their ardent love-making long into the night the previous evening.   “You do know sir, that the way into a woman’s heart is easily achieved by bestowing her with sweet delectables.”  
Darcy grinned entirely too much as he simply responded, “I had no idea whatsoever my love.”   His smile betrayed the truth.
As Elizabeth ate her scone and drank her tea, she kept her eyes locked upon her entirely too adorable husband.  He sat on the floor with his firm hands clasped around his Hessian boots in a position so foreign to him, but so adorable to her, that it went straight to her heart.   “You do realize my wonderfully Darcy, that I wish nothing more at the moment than to wrap my arms around you and pull you close to me.  You fill me up with your adoring gestures, and make me feel so special.”

“That is a merely an additional benefit for me, as truly, you must know the pleasure of moments like these are truly mine, my love.”  He moved forward and nibbled on her ear slightly as he sat down on the side of the bed next to her.  Once she was done with her scone, she attempted to wrap her arms around his waist to pull him into bed with her.  His response, although difficult in resisting her charms, was to tickle her lightly to unwrap himself from her yearning embrace.
“Mrs. Darcy, please control yourself,” he firmly stood up from the bed with a beaming smile upon his face.  “I do believe that I mentioned this day is all about you.  So, if you please, it is my pleasure to announce that the next stop on our journey today is your bath.  I have prepared it already for you, myself no less, and all that you need to do is disrobe and ensconce yourself in the warm, inviting waters.”
Elizabeth felt a surge of warmth flood through her at the image of disrobing and entering the warm bath that her husband had prepared.   She chuckled lightly and rose out of bed.   Slinking softly across the room so as to tease her affable husband, she dropped her robe partway across the floor and strode bare the remainder of the way to her bath.  
Darcy’s mind felt so full of his wife.  And barely could he maintain his course at the vision of loveliness that her naked figure presented to him.  Steeling himself up, attempting to be strong, he chuckled and made his way towards Elizabeth’s bath.
Upon entering the room, Darcy found Elizabeth already ensconced within the warm waters.   She looked up to him as her chestnut tresses fell around her face in a beautiful image.  Again, he had to breathe deeply to stay true to his purpose today.   “And now my lady, the pampering continues, as I desire nothing more than to cleanse you myself, with sweet attentions, and warm embraces.”  Darcy proceeded to scrub Elizabeth’s back, and run his fingers along her shoulders.  He used his strong hands to massage her neck and tired muscles.   He heard many murmurs flow from her as his attentions flowed through the warm waters all around her smooth skin.  
Elizabeth closed her eyes and luxuriated in her husband’s touch.  

His attentions and teasings were overwhelming her in every sense.  She could not help but smile, and already her cheeks were hurting.  It did not take much for him to cause her to smile.   She leaned back in the tub and felt every single touch of his fingers moving over her skin.   Her body warmed to his attentions, and her heart yearned for more.  She desired nothing else than to leap out of the tub and take him in her arms, but she continued to lay sedately in the bath as she knew he took pleasure in causing this reaction within her.

“My dearest husband, do you have any idea what you are doing to me?” Elizabeth finally asked.
“I do indeed my love,” Darcy chuckled in response.  “If the beautiful sounds emanating from you are any indication, I know full well what you are feeling.”

“My dear sir, if you keep this up all day, I do believe that I will have to keep you up all night,” Elizabeth huskily intoned as her eyes remained closed beneath his warm touch.

“Why Mrs. Darcy, I daresay that you are quite forward.   My attentions are solely to bring you pleasure my love.   They are not designed to create a further reward for myself in any manner.”

“I know this to be true beloved,” Elizabeth whispered.  “Yet, it will likely be so.”

“Then I am the luckiest man in all of England,” Darcy replied through a grin so large that his cheeks were likely hurting as well.

“Hmmm, I do so love your touch upon me,” Elizabeth murmured.  

To be continued….


8 thoughts on “To Elizabeth With Love ~Mr. Darcy

    • THANK YOU Jennifer for your sincere enthusiasm! We also look forward to more of the Darcyesque writings of Mr. J. Ayers! Stayed tuned and thank you for commenting on his lovely writings. ~JV of MVBClub


    • Dearest Jenny, thank you for your very lovely comment! We completely agree with you! John wrote it so well, that you can actually feel the emotions ourselves between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth. Thank you for your kind words and will be sure to share them with Mr. Ayers too. ~SK of MVBClub


  1. Mr. Ayers is quite the writer. He certainly embodied the immense heartfelt love that Mr. Darcy shares with Elizabeth. I am looking forward to reading more in the near future. Kudos to Mr Ayers.


    • We agree with you Deidre about John Ayers! It is wonderful to have a male writer writing about a significant male character! He did a great job not only for this blog, but also on his own website and now published novel! What an honor to have him write for us ~The ManvsBooksClub


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