Is Your Boyfriend or Husband the next Mr. Darcy?

Women love Jane Austen. We love our heroines and we want to have husbands, boyfriends and guy friends like the heroes of her novels. 

Austen men are decent, prideful, clever, absolute, brave, loyal, and sensible. Haven’t we daydreamed about seeing our lovers wearing a cravat? Ah, we wish! 

…but how can we do that when not a lot of men have read Jane Austen novels or have no clue the nature of a true Austen gentleman?

In honour of our Mr. Darcy, Captain Wentworth, Colonel Brandon, Mr. Henry Tilney, Mr. Edmund Bertram, Mr. Edward Ferris, and dashing Mr. Knighley, the ManVsBooksClub is taking a poll… 

Which Jane Austen hero would like your husband, boyfriend, future lover, brother or guy friend to be more like?


12 thoughts on “Is Your Boyfriend or Husband the next Mr. Darcy?

  1. Hmmm…that is such a tough decision. I love the hard to get and strength of Mr. Darcy. I adore the joking and fun natured Mr. Tilney. I am infatuated with the shy and demure nature of Mr. Ferrars. I am entralled by the vivacity of Captain Wentworth. I am captured by the devotion of Mr. Knightley. Last, but by no means least, am I attrached to the kindness of Edmund. But, if I were to choose just one…it would have to be…Mr. Darcy. He never gave up on Elizabeth even when she had crushed his hopes and dreams. He never said an ill word towards her when she had plenty to throw at him. He loved her wholly and with such devotion to change his being and sacrifice riches to make her life easier, even when she did not love him. He was truly selfless and self sacrificing. He would and is my true love. 🙂


    • Thank you BranDee for your comment. You have made it quite clear how hard it is too choose from all of Jane Austen’s leading men. Mr. Darcy is an excellent choice. You are quite right about Mr. Darcy showing how much he loved Elizabeth despite the ups and downs in their courtship. 🙂


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