The Search for Mr. Darcy!

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Cinta Garcia

Hi Everyone! Thank you all for the invite to write for you and your readers. I feel honoured of getting the chance of writing for this lovely blog. I think they are doing a great job in promoting reading habits among men. When I was asked to write something for this blog, I felt humbled, and at the same time I felt happy for writing something Austen-related in a different place than my own blog. I can understand that most men are a bit at lost when we women talk about Jane Austen, her heroines, and most especially her heroes.


The first time I read a Jane Austen novel, it was seventeen years ago. It was love at first reading. My first novel by Ms. Austen was Emma and it was the least of my favorite novels by Austen.  I came in contact with many more women who also read Austen. However, on the other hand, it was rare to meet any men who did. I have always tried to encourage my male friends to read Pride and Prejudice, or Sense and Sensibility, or even Northanger Abbey, since its parodic nature would make them enjoy it; but I was always unsuccessful in accomplishing this task.

Anytime I mention Jane Austen, my male friends often ask me why I like those books so much.  I tell them that Austen provides great examples of true heroines and heroes–men that any girl would want. After saying that, all I get are quizzical looks. I can understand that men who haven’t read any of Jane Austen’s novels cannot figure out what I mean when I say that I am waiting for my Captain Wentworth, or when any other girl says she longs for Mr. Darcy. So, what do girls mean when they say they want a ‘Mr. Darcy’, a ‘Mr. Bingley’, or a ‘Captain Wentworth’ in their lives?

It’s simple, they mean they want a gentleman in their lives. Yes, a gentleman!  Even if we say that we like “bad boys”, deep inside us we long for that gentleman who would turn the world upside down to be with us and make us happy. Those Austen heroes are real gentlemen who devote themselves to loving and looking after the woman they love.  Oh, yes, they are imperfect and have some personality defects but their virtues are more remarkable, and their love for the Austen heroines makes of them better men. Most women are in love with Mr. Darcy  of Pride and Prejudice mainly because when we think of the perfect man, we all think of him. He is proud, a bit introvert, and snob. However, he is faithful and a devoted lover. He is also constant in his affections. We girls love that! In a world where it seems that cheating on your girlfriend (or boyfriend, because girls also cheat) is becoming more and more common, it is normal that we girls, especially we girls who are hopelessly romantic, dream of meeting our Mr. Darcy.

What about Mr Bingley? Well, I haven’t met many girls who would say he is their favourite hero, but he possesses traits that all women love. He is sweet, caring, sensitive, and a bit childish. He is so naïve that, personally, all I can feel about him is motherly feelings! And Captain Wentworth… Oh, Captain Wentworth! He is my all-time favourite Austen hero, for personal reasons. He is a dream of a boyfriend: loyal, constant, and willing to give you a second chance after eight years! How many girls can say that their boyfriends waited for them and loved them faithfully for such a long period of time? And who hasn’t dreamt of getting such a lovely love letter from the person we love? So, when we grab all their good characteristics and put them together, we get our perfect guy!

We can say that what all girls want is a gentleman, a man who loves us faithfully, who loves us constantly, who cares for us, who understands us, and who can be our partner for life. Difficult? Well, dreaming is free, isn’t it? Fortunately, I am glad to say that occasionally you meet this kind of gentleman in real life. I mean, I don’t want people to think that I am implying here that there are not men like Mr. Darcy or Captain Wentworth. There are such hidden gentlemen, but we have to discover them. If more men read Jane Austen, they would get my point quite easily. Wouldn’t it be lovely if men started behaving like Austen heroes? LOL That is my silly thought for today. Therefore…

Men of the world! Start reading more Austen novels!! Learn about the fundamentals of courtship at that time, and apply that knowledge to the times we are living in.

And remember…women love a man who reads…. Reading Is Sexy!!




Cinta Garcia is a writer and author of the Nani Series–a collection of short stories for children

Find Cinta on Twitter: @austenite78



10 thoughts on “The Search for Mr. Darcy!

    • Thank you Cinta for guest writing for our blog! It was an honour to have you aboard! We enjoy reading your entries, we share your enthusiasm for Austen and hope we can someday return the favour of writing for you. Thank for you for writing this great article! We hope more men will follow the lead of women and join in the love of Austen-book reading! With all thanks and support ~The ManVsBooksClub


  1. I totally agree with you Cinta, as a fan of Jane Austen myself I can truly relate to what you are saying indeed! I too love Mr Darcy and Captain Wentworth “the lady sighs” having read all of Jane Austen novels like many women before me I lose myself in the whole romance, courtship, the slow romantic build up to that first beautiful kiss! “Ahh” We women love a gentleman, we love a man that reads, we love a man that is not afraid to show his feelings too… A well read man is as sexy as a pin up in QG as far as I am concerned! A wonderful post Cinta. 🙂


    • Thank you Dawn for your comment! Like Cinta, the women of the ManVsBooksClub wholeheartedly agree with you! If the world had men more like Darcy, Wentworth and Bingely–oh what a beautiful world it would be! Politeness, good manners, and gentleman-hood goes along away in this world even now. Thank you again for your support and great comment! ~TheManVsBookClub


  2. Men always asking the question “What Do Women Want?” should read both Cinta’s blog entry and Dawn’s subsequent comment. They both answered it to perfectly. We want Gentlemen who will romance us, love and support us for all time. Mr Darcy and the other Austen men personified it in each and every book Jane Austen wrote.


    • We agree with you too Antonia! There is nothing better than a man who is confident, poised, trustworthy and loves to read Austen! Mr. Darcy fits perfectly into this mold! ~The ManvsBooksClub


  3. Loved that closing note – Reading is indeed sexy!
    Of all the handsome Jane Austen men, I think, Darcy is most believable to me (may be because of Macfadyen). You’re doing a great job teaching men to learn and apply courtship in present times.


    • THANK YOU very much for your comment! We love Matthew Macfayden too! We are most proud of our blog and we love helping more men love reading, and if they come to love Austen–wow, what a chick magnet they will become! Reading is sexy! ~The ManVsBooksClub members


  4. Thank you for writing this Cinta! If more men read Austen, they would understand us complicated creatures known as women. A lot of times, woman just need the proper attention and security knowing they are loved. That is why, the simple wink, touch of the hand, or a kiss from a far– touches our hearts forever! Great post Cinta!


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