The American Heiress by Daisy Goodwin

Looking for a great historical romance to read this spring? The American Heiress is the book for you. The story centers around Cora Cash- the richest girl in America. She has the charm, the beauty, and envy of her fellow socialites. All that is missing is the royal title. Cora’s mother is more than willing to ensure that Cora does get this title by any means necessary. Mrs Cash moves her daughter to England where through a series of unforeseen events Cora meets Ivo Maltravers the Duke of Wareham.

Quickly, Cora and Ivo marry. This is where the real story begins. Cora must learn the ways of English society as the new Duchess of Lulworth while trying to maintain her American identity. She encounters secrets from Ivo’s past regarding his family’s troubled history. Adding another wrinkle to the story is Cora’s ex boyfriend Teddy Van Der Leyden who has information that could forever change Cora’s new life in England.

The secondary story is about Cora’s personal maid Bertha as she transitions into servants’ hierarchy at Lulworth. Bertha finds romance with Jim the Duke of Wareham’s personal servant. They both have to keep their romance secret from everyone or risk losing their positions at Lulworth.

These are some of the intriguing details that made this book so much fun to read. I hope that you will read it. Please let us know what you think of it. All opinions are welcomed.



“The Old Family” by Eva García Sáenz / “La saga de los Longevos” por Eva García Sáenz

A few months ago I started reading in English. Adapted texts but not full text, which last year seemed impossible until I had no choice if they wanted to know how Charlotte Hawkins Guy of Gisborne redeemed from the hand of Cassia Warren in The Tempest: A Guy of Gisborne Story (The Gisbornes, Book 1) . But since then I had moved away from the writers of my own land. I guess I had gotten nothing in Spanish spark until some days ago when I stumbled upon The saga of the long-lived (The old family) Eva Garcia Saenz by chance. And I started to follow all the steps;

1. The cover is elegant. We all know that the first act is the sense of sight.
2. Description and overview. “What would you do if your boss, an expert archaeologist, will tell you that was born 10,300 years ago?” Archeology, scientific research, thriller and human behavior. The ancient world and contemporary fitted at the same time. And last but not least, all you need to explore the novel before you begin: Official website , blog , Facebook and Twitter . An orgy of media for a geek like me. Obviously the next step was
3. research. One look was enough to see that the novel was based on solid foundations so I spent the last step but not before learning that the author lived in Alicante (Spain), my city. For the data may seem trivial, but knowing that the writer is near makes you feel good.
4. The sample that Amazon makes available worldwide from all the books was the last point because I bought the novel I finished with it and followed from there.

Seven hundred and twenty-eight pages in 3 days. It’s hard to stop reading when a new data takes you to another and another.

No one could doubt, even having no evidence, that the novel is well documented, with a wealth of detail in every aspect that makes it difficult to divert attention elsewhere. The setting, plot, characters, all perfectly blended in a puzzle of 23500 pieces, many as old is the oldest of the Lived.

The characters are particularly interesting: the freshness of Adriana at the beginning and its evolution throughout history, serenity and paternalism of Hector, the wisdom and sense of responsibility of Iago, the wildness of Jairus and the desire for Kyra . All with the weight of their lives on their shoulders, and has lasted 30 years or 10,000. Even the staff of the Archaeological Museum of Cantabria, where nearly all the action develops, makes any of us can immerse themselves in the novel. Images that anyone can see going out and prehistoric hunters. An extreme and fascinating anachronism.

A novel has a language perfectly stylish and cool at the same time.


After the suicide of his mother when he was fifteen, Adriana moved to Madrid with his father. But at thirty, after touring the archaeological sites across Europe, leaves her boyfriend and his work in the National Archaeological Museum to return to Santander, his hometown, to rebuild their lives. Recommended by the wife of his cousin he joined the staff of the AMC (Archaeological Museum of Cantabria). Only she would know that their chiefs, the brothers of Castle could tell first hand the history of humanity while trying to find them to be virtually immortal. An old family holds more intrigue in her womb than it seems.

Unfortunately there isn’t an English version yet, but if you can read Spanish I am sure you will enjoy it so much.


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