An Interview with the MVBClub’s Susan K.

Recently I interviewed the MVBClub’s Susan K. It proved to be an entertaining as well as informative experience.

1. What are your favorite genres of books to read?

I absolutely love the 17/18th century English genre of books. Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters are by far my favorites. These young ladies were talented beyond their years and wrote only about a world they knew. Because of their literary works, I wanted to be a writer too and became an avid reader.

2. What do you enjoy most about reading books, plays etc?

I enjoy the mental escape of books, literature and theatre. They teach me to use my imagination, to increase my vocabulary and help me to look at the world and its people with an open mind.

3. Do you have a favorite author or authors? If so who are they?

My favorite authors female: Jane Austen, Bronte Sisters. Male: Shakespeare, CS Lewis, F.S Fitzgerald and the poetry of Maya Angelou

4. How has your favorite author or authors influenced your everyday life?

They have taught me propriety, social grace and even the proper interactions between the sexes. The relationships that we have between men and women have never changed. We all long for love and a balanced life.

5. Since you are an avid reader which do you prefer: paper books or ebooks?

I have a hard time reading books online or via ebooks. I find I cant get the feel of the book. I love the touch of paper and oh my do I eat my books. Don’t worry not literally but I always make notes, underlined, fold, flip and spill something on them. It’s why I buy all my books. I never borrow. They will never return the way they were originally given..haha

6. How did you become involved with the MVBCLUB?

I was invited by good friends that I met on Twitter. There was a guy that loved books but found that other men didn’t share his joy. So together, us girls and two men have come together to write and be apart of the club.

7. What is your favorite aspect of belonging to the MVBCLUB?

I love reading, so I enjoy reading the different aspects and views of each of the members. But I love the most, our friendship. We work well together and love how even though we live in different countries, we are the closest of friends.

8. What type of stories do you like to write?

I like young adult stories. I like to write stories where they use their imagination yet still learn valuable lessons and principles. I am not into stories that use profanity, sex or things that will frighten the youth. They have the news for that. I like to write stories that will give them a world that is always safe

9. Can you tell us more about your burgeoning writing career?

I have written a 10 part series of young adult short stories. They are like fables where lessons are learned and there is always a moral to the story. The book series are with editors and are being put together as we speak. I took some time off due some family circumstances. We hope to have the first series published by Winter 2014. I am so excited!

10. Lastly are there any book recommendations and/or writing tips you could offer to our readers?

1. Write what you know and love.

2. Carry a writing pad with you at all times.

3. Edit, edit, edit

The MVBClub would like to thank Susan for taking the time out of her busy schedule for our interview. As always it was a great time.



Do You Know What Today Is?


When Deidre asked if I would like to write something for the first anniversary of the MVBClub blog, I admit I was a bit stunned. I thought the honour would go to someone else, someone much more worthy. Nevertheless, I said yes, right away. Not having a clue what I would write.

On top of my head, an anniversary, let alone a first anniversary, should be celebrated by telling others how one loves and appreciates the other. So, here it goes…

A year ago, Man VS Books Club was established. We weren’t made of big things, but of one simple thing – the love of the written word. We also have the heart to encourage men to read and write more and to spread out that “reading is sexy” – because men who read are–indeed–attractive! Well, personally, I think nerdy/geeky guys have always been attractive and interesting…in their own, unique ways.

As we carry on, our friendship grows each and every day. I have to say, I felt comfortable with all of them right away, since the very first time we chat, which is so rare of me. Each has their own “magic”; each never failed to put a smile on my face even when I didn’t feel like it. There are two things that can’t make me smile though…our distances and different time zones. But those things never keep us from being close to one another, thanks to the internet.

The ladies – Deidre, Susan, Annie, Antonia and Jane – are amazing. Seeing them online automatically makes me happy; it’s like seeing pots of gold at the end of a rainbow. They are so caring and supportive, beautiful on the inside as well as outside. I like to think of them as sunshines – just think how bright your day is with all of them in your life!

The men – Rob and Brad – are, well, gentlemen. Once you are close to them, you will definitely know that chivalry is not dead. They’re handsome as well as kind-hearted. But—there is a “but”—on the other hand, they can be really mischievous like little boys and make you laugh so loud, people will stare at you! (–> based on personal experiences)

It is quite rare to meet someone, let alone some people, who have the exact same interest as you do. I’ve never been a believer of coincidence, which is why I am positive God made ways so our paths would cross each other. Though we come from different cultures, backgrounds and beliefs, yet “BLESSED” is the first thing that comes to mind each time I think of having them in my life.

So, cheers to MVBClub and its crew! May our friendship and our love of books never cease! And, of course, three cheers to all the lovely folks who have been with us from day one – your support is priceless, it strengthen us more. In short: it makes us so happy! On behalf of the MVBClub, I’d like to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH from the bottom of our hearts.

~DS of MVBClub

First Year Anniversary

It’s almost hard to believe that a year has past since the Man Vs Books Club went live in 2012.  It has been a fun, scary adventure blogging.  I couldn’t have done it without the support of my team.  They are ones that made this blog the cool experience that it is. Each one has contributed to it in their own special ways.   The  Man Vs Books Club is a true reflection of our teamwork.

A special thanks to everyone that has guest blogged for us. We sincerely appreciate it.  We can wait for more future collaborations.

Lastly now that 2013 is here, we  are going to post  more great book reviews, interviews, and giveaways.  Hope that you will continue to support us.

Remember Reading is  Sexy


My NaNoWriMo Experience

I decided to participate in this year”s National November Writing Month aka NaNoWriMo challenge.  One month to write a 50 thousand word book beginning on November 1st.  Ok I can do this became my mantra for the entire month. As any writer can tell you writing can be a rewarding but often frustrating experience as you try to tell an entertaining ,coherent story. Some days the words would flow like water out of a faucet. Other days, it would be like being stranded in the Sahara Desert searching for a puddle of water to drink. On these days I read books, spent the holidays with family and friends, and survived devastating Hurricane Sandy.  I am proud to say that I completed my book on November 29th. The word count was 50,950.  After I submitted my story to NaNoWriMo I decided to take a break from it. No editing, revising, or reworking it for at least a few months. Perhaps one day soon I will revisit the story maybe even try to get it publish.  Until then I will enjoy this achievement with a well deserved pat on the back and a job well done to myself. 

We at the MVBClUB would love to read about your experiences with NaNoWriMo. Please come and share with us.

Remember Reading and Writing is Sexy.



National Novel Writing Month

Happy November everyone. It is National Novel Writing Month. For those who are unfamiliar with NaNoWriMo, it is an annual challenge for writers and nonwriters to write a 50K novel in 30 days. I have participated in this challenge in the past. It was a fun and rewarding experience that I encourage everyone to try at least once.

For more information visit the NaNoWriMo website at

Remember Reading and Writing is Sexy!



Hurricane Sandy

First I wanted to thank everyone for their thoughts  and prayers while we were dealing with Hurricane Sandy.  I live in New York City which has a reputation for being tough and fast paced. However, we, New Yorkers, proved that we will ban together in times of tragedy.  Thanks to Twitter and Facebook I was able keep in contact with everyone as well as get updates on what was happening through pictures and news.  Kudos to the First Responders/Firefighters/Police/Doctors/Nurses/Citizens who put their lives on the line to help people in need.

Please leave a comment. We would love to hear from you.


Why Do Men Not Read As Much As Women?

About a decade ago, Ian McEwan, a British Author and his son conducted an unscientific experiment. They advertised and began handing out free books one day in the heart of London, UK. Within a few minutes, they had given away 30 novels to women! The women were excited, eager and thankful for the book while the men “frowned in suspicion, or distaste.” The conclusion, wrote McEwan in The Guardian newspaper: “When women stop reading, the novel will be dead.”

Excuse me, what’s that all about? I read, damn it and I would take a free book any day! But wait…maybe I wouldn’t especially if its a chick-lit book. No thanks. Ah ha! Maybe that’s the issue of us men! Are the novels available to the world geared more to women than to men?

I did an internal family poll beginning with my Mother. She mentioned my grandfather also read to her and my uncles. However, he stopped reading to the boys when they became of age. Why was that? Turns out, most of the books got to be too childish and feminine-like for the boys, my mother admitted. My grandfather wanted the boys to do learn to work with their hands and become REAL men, more than read nursery rhymes.  Could this be the beginning of the inevitable less-men-reading-syndrome?

I next asked my father the same question. He later picked up reading but only to attain passing marks in school and to win my mother’s affections. Nice one Dad!

Could these be the reasons? Were we taught at a young age to be macho; manly man; not weaken our appearance before men and women? For what its worth, is this the same stubborn attitude why us guys refuse to read maps or to stop to ask for directions? Ok you’re right…let’s not go there with the latter…
I put the word out to get some answers: Why do men not read books as much as women? The following testimonies ensued:

“I’m tired of people saying Men Don’t Read. Men LOVE to read. I’ve been a reader my whole life. My father is a reader. Most of my male friends are readers. But the more publishing repeats the empty mantra that Men Don’t Read the less they’re going to try to appeal to men, which is where this vicious cycle begins. Publish more books for men and boys” ~ JASON PINTER is the bestselling author of five thriller novels

“I think Men have more options in today’s society with 21st century technology. It seems some men are more content to read a newspaper than invest time in a book….Otherwise they will abandon it in an instant….now that there are “mash up” books like Pride & Prejudice & Zombies and Emma and the Vampires which introduces people to classic literature with a modern twist to it. These books have inspired more people namely boys and men to read more Jane Austen as a result”~ DB of MVBC

“I think men stopped reading because women started to dominate the market. The women were suppressed for so long that when it because available for them to write–they wrote with women in mind…Less and less, there wasn’t a market for books geared for male interests. The introduction of the television also saved men from having to read a book. A lot of guys still read books but not a lot women are men write with them in mind”.~JV of MVBC

“Allow me to be frank. I admit women are far more willing to spend their time, effort and money on something that can make them feel good and not too much fuss when enjoying it, and, for some, reading is giving them such effect. While men are more into taking actions, doing things, on the go, and reading “freezes” them. Too many times I’ve heard men said that reading is a waste of time, not cool or only for wimps. That’s too bad. Little do they know women nowadays finds men who read attractive. Sexy even.”  ~DS of MVBC

“[MEN] think reading is outdated, 2) There are more books for women than for men, and 3) Their boss won’t let them escape work.” ~Andhyta Fisrselly U (@Afutami)

“I always thought that men who read don’t use to talk about as women do. It is a common thought, at least in some environments, that read is time wasted. But it is supposed to that women can’t help themselves to dream and talk about so although it is an unproductive task *sigh* women are women (sarcasm). I know men who read. In fact, I’m proud to say that I have good examples in my family, but overall the grown of them are quiet readers…” ~AR of MVBC

“Reading was a major entertainment inJane Austen ‘s day; now it must compete with TV & Internet!”~Patricia Milburn (@grannyuser)

 “Men used to read a lot in the 17th/18th centuries. They were also the main writers of books. Women, in order to be seen and heard, often had to pose as male writers to get their works published. The tables have changed considerably with two world wars….Reading fictional novels didn’t pay the bills, put food on the table or end two world wars. Men are reading but now its not so much a paged-book; now, its computer, ipod, ipad, iphone or cell phone screen”. ~SK of MVBC

“[MEN]… are too busy watching sports!” ~Anna Votino Stabolid (@figjam666)

“I think Men have got lazy over the years…too busy watching sports!ears. They can’t be bothered to read if it doesn’t benefit them right here and now. It’s sad. We rely too much on the women in our lives to read for us: mothers, sisters, girlfriends, wives” ~HP of MVBC

“Two words: SPORTS and INTERNET” ~Sofia Lopez Garcia (@Sophi0518)

Well, gentleman and ladies, there you have it. All very interesting opinions; all valid; all make sense, don’t you think? OK Men, what are we going to do about this? Can we possibly balance our reading habits to that of the female persuasion. Why Do You Think Men Don’t Read As Much As Women? We welcome your comments!



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