From the CEO office…


The MVBClub was built on one

It is maintained on friendship and teamwork. Each one of us support one another by encouraging each other to step outside of comfort zone and try something new.

The hardwork is evident every time there is a new guest blogger, response to a comment, a new book review, tweet, or just a kind word.

To everyone of the MVBClub:

Words cannot express enough the happiness we all share as friends. You all are very special. Without you all our blog would not be such a success!

To our supporters and contributors: 

Thank you for the fantastic entries and the continual support. We look forward to more contributions in the near future.

Keep up the great work, your membership, your support, your encouragement and for liking us!

Reading is Sexy…

…and so are you!

High regards,

DP  ~C.E.O of the



4 thoughts on “From the CEO office…

    • Thank you for reblogging one of our post! What a great letter from the CEO! Keep up your great writing entries too Daniella! You are a joy to have as apart of the MVBClub team! ~JV of ManVsBooksClub


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